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Abigail O. Akpobiyeri

Under Supervision of Dr. Janelle S. Peifer, LCP

  • Disordered Eating: My focus is on helping individuals heal their relationship with food and their bodies. I provide a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their unique challenges and work towards recovery. I understand the complexities surrounding body image, self-esteem, and disordered eating behaviors, particular for people of color. Together, we will develop personalized strategies to promote a healthier relationship with food, self-acceptance, and overall well-being.

  • Anxiety + Depression: Anxiety and depression can have debilitating effects on your daily life and overall well-being. With a compassionate and client-centered approach, I provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and concerns. Together, we'll uncover underlying causes, develop effective coping strategies, and work towards reclaiming joy and fulfillment. Whether it's managing anxious thoughts or finding ways to alleviate the weight of depression, I am here to support you every step of the way.

  • Sports + Performance Psychology: My passion lies in helping athletes, performers, and individuals from all walks of life reach their full potential. I understand the unique mental and emotional demands that come with high-performance environments. Whether you're struggling with performance anxiety, motivation, focus, or need strategies to enhance your mental game, I am here to support you. Through individualized techniques and evidence-based approaches, we will work together to overcome obstacles, cultivate mindset aligned with your goals, and unlock your capabilities. Together, we'll craft a roadmap that empowers you to thrive in your work and life.

  • Chronic Pain + Sickle Cell Disease: I provide support and guidance to individuals who are navigating the challenges of living with persistent pain, particularly those with sickle cell disease. I understand the unique physical and emotional toll that chronic pain can take on one's life. With a compassionate and holistic approach, I offer a safe space to explore your pain experience, develop effective coping strategies, and improve your overall well-being. Together, we will work to manage pain, reduce its impact on your daily life, and empower you to lead your full life.

Background + Training
  • Mercer University - Doctorate in Health Psychology and Masters in Public Health (in progess)

  • University of Denver - Masters in Sports + Performance Psychology

  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology

Nuts + Bolts
  • Ages: 16+​

  • Finances: ​​Out of Network/Self-Pay​

  • Client Type: Individuals - Couples​ - Families

  • Scheduling Notes: Weekdays, Evenings, and Weekends​

  • Providing inclusive and evidence-based tele-therapy in Georgia and Colorado.

Fun Fact: I'm contracted by the NFL to conduct sport-specific cognitive assessments during each draft season.

I believe in unlocking your full potential—in your field and in your life more broadly.  As a first-generation Nigerian-American therapist, I bring a unique perspective to our therapeutic journey.

I strive to create a safe and inclusive space where you can feel understood, validated, and supported. With a warm and personable approach, I specialize in various areas, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, sports and performance psychology, and eating disorders. Together, we'll work collaboratively, drawing from evidence-based techniques and my expertise, to navigate the challenges you face. 

Therapy is a transformative process, and I'm genuinely excited to be a part of your mental health and wellness journey. Let's embark on this path of self-discovery and growth together!

Areas of Expertise

01. Disordered Eating
02. Anxiety + Depression
03. Sports + Performance Psychology
04. Chronic Pain + Sickle Cell 


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