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We make excellent + inclusive online therapy accessible in pursuit of our core mission: wellness for all.

You believe in therapy and know it can make a difference in your life. But, how do you make it fit in a way that feels safe, sustainable, accessible, and effective?

5 Reasons Why Online Therapy at the CITW Works

Reason 1: It fits into your life. 

At the Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness (CITW), through live video sessions, you can do therapy from wherever you have a safe, confidential space: your office, your car, your bedroom.

Maybe slipping out of work and commuting to an office every week won't work for you. Maybe you know doing therapy before picking up your children from school will work with your family's scheduling needs. Maybe you know you're more likely to be accountable for your therapeutic work if all you need to do is pick up your phone and click the link. 

Online therapy fits into your daily life  and has been proven to increase attendance, continuity, and consistency in therapy. That means that you will be able to do the work to get closer to your goals such as having less anxiety, alleviating depression, thriving in close relationships, and experiencing more mental freedom.

By removing barriers like traffic, work schedules, and family responsibilities, online therapy removes many of the barriers and makes your therapeutic work a seamless part of your life.

Reason 2: You choose the therapist who fits for you--not who is close by.

Did you know there are only about 100,000 doctoral-level licensed clinical psychologists in the ENTIRE United States. Only 16% identify as LGBTQ and about 3% identify as Black and even fewer practice in Spanish or another language.

As an inclusive and justice-oriented practice, we provide culturally-relevant and humble online therapy services. We bring our perspectives and lived experiences as minoritized folks to our work.

That means that searching for a therapist in your local area may mean encountering months-long waiting lists and still not finding the therapist with the specialty and background you need--particularly if you are in an area with fewer providers and less diversity.

Are you searching for someone who has the experiences and background that align with you background, philosophy and values? You want someone with the training and specialization to work in a deep meaningful way with you. Online therapy allows you to choose from a wider and deeper pool of therapists.

Reason 3: It's safe.

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, virtual therapy allows you to attend therapy amidst the unpredictability of our time. No need to cancel after a potential exposure or trying to figure out how to cry in session without taking off your mask. Online therapy gives you real-time, video sessions that feel safe and secure for you and your community.

Reason 4: You're comfortable.

You have the ability to choose a place that feels safe and secure for therapy. Online therapy gives you the empowerment to drink your favorite tea, nuzzled in your comfiest slippers, while diving into the issues of the week.

Reason 5: It's effective and evidenced-based.

supports the efficacy of live, video sessions in helping you cope with presenting issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, interpersonal relationship concerns, and beyond! 

Teletherapy opens up a wider pool of potential, excellent therapists with specialties that are able to practice and provide exceptional care to and for you.

The bottom line: online therapy works and can work for you.

So, how do I start online therapy?

Our team of brilliant team of evidenced-based, specialized, authentic therapist create space just for you.


Just schedule a free-15 minute consultation call and we will get you set up without any wait or delay with same and next day appointment availability.

We are an intentionally small team of therapists committed to inclusive, evidenced-based, real, and warm therapeutic work. You can read more about our different specialties' and training here and book a free consultation directly online. 

Give us a call! If you reach out, you will probably talk to our founder, Dr. Janelle S. Peifer, and she'll be happy to answer any questions you have (finances, scheduling, who'd be a good fit for me?!).

Have questions? Ready to get started? Book a free consultation call today.

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Consult with us.

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