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Current Opportunities

What if you could have all of the benefits of private practice without the hassle of running a business in a space committed to equity, justice, and liberation?

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The Highlights

Read our , narrative job description below or just the highlights included here. Email your resume to apply.

What We Offer:

  • Competitive pay

    • Hiring Range: $45-$75+ per hour (approx. equivalency: $50,000 (PT) - $110,000+ (FT) per year with 4 weeks off, based on caseload) - caseload bonuses

  • Fully remote work--we are all about the work-life balance

  • Self-directed scheduling, you have full control of when you see your clients

What We Provide: 

  • Administrative and billing services 

  • Online scheduling--no more phone tag or back and forth emails with prospective clients

  • Management of all billing in-house--you get paid for your time on time.

  • HIPAA-compliant teletherapy, phone system, email, and electronic fax system.

  • Comprehensive electronic health record with documentation, efficient documentation templates, integrate client reminders, and task automation. 

  • Regular peer consultation meetings focused on equity, liberation, and growth.

  • Client referrals and marketing

  • Option for in-house supervision

Required Qualifications:

  • Skills and embodied commitment to liberation-focused, anti-oppressive, strengths-based approaches to mental health for historically marginalized folks.

  • Fully or provisionally licensed in the state of Georgia or Virginia (e.g., LPC, LCSW, LMFT, Psychologist, APC, LMSW, or  MFT)

  • Master’s degree in a clinical/counseling-related field from an accredited program

  • Minimum one year of clinical experience providing psychotherapy services

  • Evidenced background in embracing diversity in all its forms

  • Engaging, warm, open-minded energy and perspective

Job Title: Therapist

Instructions to ApplyTo start the application process, just send your cover letter and resume/curriculum vitae to:

The Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness is a vibrant, virtual group practice. We're looking for our next, great clinical team member.

Black, BIPOC, multilingual, sex + kink-positive, poly-affirming, and/ or LGBTQ+, therapists are strongly encouraged to apply.

You work hard. You studied for years. You excelled through an endless string of classes, theses, practica, internships, and fellowships. You jumped through every hoop and exam they placed in front of you because you love this work. You believe in excellent, evidence-based, authentic mental healthcare committed to equity and wellness for all. 

But, the reality of doing therapy can feel hard, complex, and overwhelming. So why should you work with us? Here are our top five reasons:

  • Reason 1: True Work/Life Balance + Integration.

  • Reason 2: Fully Remote Work on Your Schedule.

  • Reason 3: Real Autonomy, Agency + Respect.

  • Reason 4: Excellent Pay/Low Administrative Burden.

  • Reason 5: Commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

Instructions to Apply:


Reason #1: True Work Life Balance + Integration. Maybe you've worked in places that don't respect your need for a life outside of work, or set unrealistic caseload minimums that have you speeding towards burnout.

No 8 client days here. Ever. Two, three, and four day work weeks are the norm and expectation.  That means you get 3 or even 5-day weekends--all of the time. You set your own schedule in a way that enables you to do amazing clinical work AND live your one wild and precious life. Set your availability from noon - 4p, 8p-midnight. Do. What. Works. For. You.

Night owl never up before noon? Fine by us. Live your best nocturnal life and diurnal-bias be damned! Need to see clients while your child is at school and dip out in time for a front row seat to their xylophone concert? Go for it and please bring pictures to the next clinical team meeting! That gallery show you've been dying to hit with your partner? Go! We know you'll make sure you're clients are covered and that you have a plan in place for their continuity of care. 

Reason #2: Fully Remote Work on Your Schedule. Maybe you work best in a remote position from the comfort of your home--whether that's Montana this week followed by Aruba next week?

The pandemic proved the efficacy of virtual therapy and the rich benefits of remote work for our clinical team. Those benefits include improved work/life integration, health and safety, and the ability to play with your kitten--Mr. McWhiskersins--between sessions. We went virtual and haven't looked back. You can work remotely from whatever HIPAA-compliant beach, boat, mountaintop, or urban space that has high speed internet and a confidentiality-friendly room where you can ethically and legally practice. 

Reason #3: Real Autonomy, Agency + Respect. Maybe you've worked in places that don't really value your autonomy and expertise.

At the Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness, we choose folks to join our clinical team because we know they're excellent.  You don't micro-manage excellence. You just don't do it, folks!

We don't create arbitrary red tape that you have to follow and are small enough to facilitate meaningful conversations if misunderstandings arise. No corporate robots here. We don't expect every member our clinical team to approach work in the same way and believe in taking a dynamic, evolving, and individualized approach with each therapist.

Oh! One more thing, we don't have caseload minimums, non-competes, or contract clauses that keep you from doing other work. CITW is a great fit for a therapist looking to build clinical work as an addendum to other types of work, like being a professor, stay at home parent, or employee at a hospital/college counseling center.

Moreover, when and if you feel ready to do your own thing and launch your own practice, we won't try to force you to pay a fee or coerce clients who want to stay with you to stay with the practice instead.  We'll be cheering you on every step of the way and can't wait to add you to our referral list. We're much more abundance mindset than zero sum over here.

Reason #4: Excellent Pay/Low Administrative Burden. Maybe you love therapy, but not administrative work and business side AND still want excellent pay?

Our pay ranges exceed the national average of $35 per hour. Depending on your caseload, training, and licensing, our pay range varies. With minimum pay of $45 per hour (e.g., trainees with included supervision, folks who want micro-caseloads) to $100 per hour (e.g., 25+ clients per week). Once at full, that comes to $110,000 annually for someone working 25 hours per week with 4 weeks of vacation. Moreover, we offer caseload bonuses and twice annual merit reviews for raises to consider changes in training, certification, caseload, performance, and licensure status. As a solely W2 practice, we cover federal and state taxes and have been told that our pay rivals what you would make in solo practice after overhead expenses.  We also offer annual professional development stipends and options for health stipends for therapists when they reach 25+ clients per week.

When it comes to administrative tasks, we keep the burden low so you can focus on your clinical work. The practice handles marketing, outreach, billing, compliance, and everything so you can do what you do best. Our documentation enables you to efficiently complete notes in as little as 4 minutes. As a self-pay practice, you aren't beholden to Big Insurance tomfoolery and you get paid regardless of what happens in billing. Period. With a billing department on staff--you get to focus on what you do best: life-changing therapy, not chasing coins and worrying about audits.

Reason #5: Commitment to Inclusive Excellence. Maybe you've worked places that minimize your experiences and lens as a BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or other historically marginalized group. Maybe you've faced racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other discriminations where you've worked?

As a Black woman-led practice, CITW's commitment to inclusion is embodied, deep, and lived. If you, thrive in a diverse space with Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ folx engaged in real, transformational work--check us out. At CITW, you'll find community and consultation with excellent, inclusive,  providers who share your values and also challenge you to think in new ways in a clinic committed to radical equity, decolonization of the practice, and liberation.

If this sounds like your type of place, send your resume or CV to our founder, Dr. Janelle S. Peifer, LCP (

The Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness, a vibrant, virtual group private practice. We seek a full or part-time psychotherapist to become a part of our team committed to clinical excellence and inclusive practice. A part-time therapist can see anywhere from 1-25 clients each week and full time equates to about 25 client hours a week. We really don't want our team burnt out trying to see 40 clients a week! Applicants must hold a license for independent practice in their state or be eligible to practice with supervision. Compensation is a flat fee paid bi-weekly.

Some of the benefits of joining the Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness team include:

  • referrals

  • meaningful 1:1 weekly supervision available

  • 1: 1 private practice coaching and mentoring with Dr. Janelle S. Peifer (CITW Founder)

  • bi-weekly professional development and consultation

  • all marketing--Google Ads, SEO, referral building, website and directories

  • competitive compensation, professional development funds, and health insurance stipends (available for therapists with 25+ clients hours)

  • twice annual opportunities for raises and growth

  • electronic health record

  • billing services

  • and a space for you to grow and thrive.

We seek candidates who practice evidenced-based work in a client-centered and flexible way within a clear niche of practice. Candidate will be non-exempt W2 employees. Candidates generally see at least 8 clients per week, scheduled flexibly based on your needs.

Job Criteria:​

  • Currently licensed to practice as a psychologist (LCP), LCSW, LMFT, or LPC OR possessing a certification (e.g., APC) with the ability to practice with supervision by a PhD-level psychologist in any state in the United States. Preference for PSYPACT or PSYPACT-eligible psychologists in AZ, AK, AL, CO, DE, DC, GA, IL, KS, KY, MD, ME, MO, MN, NE, NJ, NV, NH, NC, OH, OK, PA, TN, TX, UT, WV, VA, and WI.

  • Strong clinical skills in a variety of evidence-based modalities for assessment, diagnosis, case conceptualization, treatment planning, and clinical work in a client-centered way.

  • Evidenced commitment to inclusive, culturally-informed clinical work with a diverse breadth of clients and presenting concerns.

  • Strong organizational skills and clinical judgment.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Ability to use electronic health records effectively and ethically.

  • Impeccable ethics.

Required education:​

  • Master's or Doctoral Degree in clinical or counseling-related field

Required license or certification:


  • Degree with ability to practice under supervision.

Instructions to Apply:

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