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Dr. Janelle S. Peifer, LCP


Founder + Lead Psychologist

I founded Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness to create a team committed to mental wellness for all. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, and assistant professor. I work alongside clients as they navigate the winding paths of their lives.


I specialize in work with high-achieving, boss, change-making women and non-binary folks at the top of their fields. I work well with people for whom success is just the tip of the iceberg--those who want to feel the life they're living and bask in it. I enjoy exploring clients' unique, dynamic, and evolving identities and especially love working with Black and other women of color. 


As a cognitive behavioral therapist (CBT), I believe in low-barrier, solution-focused therapy rooted in evidence-based, relational practices.


Providing inclusive and evidence-based teletherapy in 35+ States: AZ, AR, AL, CO, CNMI, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MD, ME, MO, MN, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NH, NC, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV, & WY.

Nuts + Bolts
  • Ages: 16+

  • Finances: Self-Pay; $270 per 55-minute session

  • Client Type: Individuals - Couples

  • Scheduling Notes: Weekdays, Teletherapy 

Themes in My Work

I specialize in work with bad ass, boss women and non-binary folks who seek to change the world and feel whole while doing it. A lot of the time, my clients also explore concerns related to trauma, substance use, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, and contending with all the -isms they encounter in their professional and personal spheres.


I take a trauma and identity-informed approach using evidenced-based treatments like Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). I work particularly well with complex PTSD for folks who have encountered multiple, layered, and intertwined traumas across their life. I work to help clients build upon their internal resilience and strengths to harness some of the power that can come from developing a rooted relationship with one's self and trauma.

Identity + Culture: 

I believe that every client exits in a world informed by their experience and history. I take a culturally-informed and intersectional  approach to my work that celebrates each individual's complex sense of self. I work in a conscientious way with people have experienced stress, discrimination, and trauma related to their cultural, racial/ethnic, gender, sexual, and or religious identity.

Overall Approach:

I strive to create a warm, creative therapy space that helps folks cope with the challenge and beauty of pursuing a life worth living in a targeted, solutions-focused way with plenty of space for geeking out, laughter, and joy.

Background + Training

Licensed Psychologist in Georgia  + Virginia

Providing Teletherapy in 35+ States

  • University of Richmond - Currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • Emory University - Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Clinical Psychology

  • University of Virginia - PhD, Clinical and School Psychology

  • Vanderbilt University and VA - Predoctoral Clinical Internship

  • Wake Forest University - BA, Psychology

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